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Are you a Smart Recruiter? Or You wanna become one?


Read on to know how….

To build up a dedicated team that creates a unique candidate experience and eventually the customer delight, in this case, client’s delight….Here are some key factors a recruiter should keep in mind.

1.Find a reply to this query from the candidate’s perspective …”What’s in it for me”? That should be the key highlight of the job specification.

2.A job description should be more like an “Opportunity Profile”. A profile like this shall facilitate in finding the right candidate, discover the appropriate audience and end up in engaging the “best fit” candidate.

3.The quality pipeline of “best fit” that one creates is a direct outcome of the quality candidates. The quality of candidates one ends up hiring is a direct function of who ends up in your hiring pipeline. You can save significant recruiting costs and effort by targeting and getting the right people in.

4. A strong branding of the organization is responsible for winning half the battle as it gets the candidate’s attention. If one wants to make a lasting impression in the candidates’ mind through an email, a strong brand name and personalized content are paramount.

5.Establish your company’s brand on social media channels. Create a webpage, of your organization and introduce yourself.

6.As per the Jobvite Job Seeker survey, 39% of candidates who participated have stated that the initial contact with the company decides whether or not they want to take up a job. So, as a recruiter whether it is an email or phone call, make it count – make it noticeable.

7.Personalization is paramount – ensure that the communication is candidate centric. This shows great empathy and makes it easy for the candidate to connect with the recruiter.

8.An average 24 % of candidates who express interest in a company and the role, actually end up interviewing with them. So go beyond a simple “I am interested” over the mail as confirmation. Create Opportunity Profiles, which helps in building a personalized pitch for the candidate to create a positive interest and an affirmation over the call. All the efforts that a recruiter puts in understanding the candidate pays out well.

9.Have ownership of your accounts. Prepare candidates for interviews – keep them updated about the rounds of interview, feedback after each round, update them with SPOC details, venue details, what they would be tested and measured on and how long it would take. Keep them updated about delays or if they don’t make the cut.

10.A recruiter’s job isn’t over until the candidate joins. It isn’t done until they join – keep candidates engaged after they accept the offer to avoid drop-off due to cold feet. Address their apprehensions with genuinity.


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