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Hiring Trends in IT Industry

Information Technology as an industry and as a function is touching all parts of business. Corporations must choose to keep pace or miss the bus. With new technologies and applications being introduced into the business world every day, here is how this renaissance has affected hiring trends in the IT Industry.

  • Shift from Consulting Jobs to Full-Time Employees

With the economy showing signs of recovery more companies from around the world are now starting to hire again. In fact, a major trend specific to the IT industry is that employers are relying less on consulting services and hiring more full-time expertise. Having full-time support on board is helpingblog6 businesses stay abreast with the latest industry requirements in IT while also focusing on the core business.

  • The Growth of Certified IT Skills

Compared to the last 16 years of certifications market pay, the last 7 quarters have showcased consistent growth of nearly 1% in market value for the year, showcasing a growing acceptance in IT certified talent.




  • The Growing Importance of IT and Software Architecture

Corporations are constantly looking for architects of all varieties. Cisco Certified Architects, Open Group Master Architects, AWS Certified Solutions Architects tend to draw the highest packages in the industry. Even non-certified architects for security, data and infrastructure are in demand and are expected to continue their upward trajectory.



  • Big Data Skills Surprisingly Show Slow Demand

blog8Over the last few years, pay for big data skills isn’t growing as fast as it was expected. While many companies invested significantly in big data, the unidentifiable ROI buts this particular skill-set in the back burner. While some companies continue to believe that the power of big data could be unleashed by hiring the right talent, this correlation is yet to be proven.

  • Continued Investment in Human Capital Management

As the IT hiring market gets more and more competitive, investment in human capital is expected to go up. Companies are becoming more aware of the challenges in managing people, their pay rolls and their performance. While the technology to manage this has been in place for a while now, companies up until recently didn’t find the value in hiring IT expertise as a part of their human capital management programs.



  • Closing the Gap in Cloud Skillsblog9

While cloud technology has been in demand for a while now, it is only now that the cloud skills and jobs have been able to catch up to the demand. Employers are now training their employees to produce the requisite skill levels. As a trainer or a cloud expert any industry vertical, your cloud certification can give you a 2% boost in your market pay.


Finally, there is also an increase in demand for security and cybersecurity skills. With risks of being hacked and victim to IT fraud is on the rise, governments too are taking measures in making sure companies comply with IT security standards. The leadership takes threats a lot more seriously, hereby compelling them to boost their information security hiring plans.



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Hiring Trends in IT Industry
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