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Recruitment Outsourcing Catching up Corporates’ Fancy

A growing number of corporations are now seeing the value in outsourcing their recruitment needs to specialized staffing firms. Here are a few reasons why this approach in talent acquisition has caught the fancy of many businesses in India and around the world –

  • A Chance to Overcome the Challenge of Finding Great Candidates

Even in this economy, organizations are finding it extremely difficult to find the right people to fill their talent gaps. The problem cannot always be attribute to picky companies or businesses that don’t pay enough. Companies that are serious about finding the best talent and getting vacant positions filled as soon as possible find value in outsourcing their recruitment needs to be able to source candidates from wider geographies and to improve their brand perception as employers. Individual companies may not always have the resources to reach out to a wider candidate base.

  • A Chance to Focus on the Core Business

Even if many companies have dedicated recruitment personnel in their HR department, sometimes this could shift a businesses’ focus from the core objectives. Especially for small and medium sized companies who many not have the resources to hire dedicated staff just for recruitment, outsourcing this function can help them bring in expertise without having to shift focus from the core business.

  • To be able to Reduce Employee Turnover Rates

Some companies suffer from high employee attrition rates where new hires leave within the first few months of starting the job. This can hurt the bottom line of a business and also act as an indicator to bigger problems in the recruitment approach of a company. This issue may not always be solved by simply increasing the salary or by interviewing candidates more extensively. By outsourcing your recruitment process, you can gain an expert perspective of the causes of attrition and focus on fixing the bigger problems that you may be facing.


  • Competing with More Established Companies

Smaller companies and start-ups are in no position to keep up with the recruitment practices of larger companies. This puts them at the risk of missing out on the right talent. By outsourcing recruitment, they are able to level the playing field and stop worrying about losing out on good talent because the larger firms were able to sell their vacant position in a better way.


  • Gaining Control of Current Recruitment Functions

Companies that are on a fast growth track or face seasonal staffing cycles often find it challenging to organize and handle their recruitment functions. Fast growing companies often find it difficult to balance between the core business and the growing hiring needs. Those with seasonal staffing needs may need to hire people quickly for a few months each year and slow down recruitment for the rest of the year. By outsourcing these functions, it becomes easy for businesses to handle these fluctuations and acquire temporary solutions to existing temporary problems.

Finally, businesses also see a cost benefit in outsourcing their recruitment needs. With little or no need to invest in an in-house recruitment team, staffing software and other  expenses associated with conducting multiple rounds of interviews, corporations are able to find the right talent in a much more affordable and efficient manner.


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