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3 Screen Model

The 3-Screen Model is an innovative concept, developed by NeerInfo Solutions, and used primarily in the Leadership Hiring.
It is based on the concept of finding the best people, build successful teams and generate value for stakeholders through excellence. We help the clients reduce their hiring time, and close the positions within an effective TAT.

Talent Mapping is the first phase of our 3-Screen Model, where based on the clients prediction of business strategy / expansion plans, we understand the Talent landscape available in the industry.
We map the individuals in terms of their talent and skills, and how they can be developed.
Our specialized team offers other value added services such as market intelligence, leadership advice, competitive analysis and market benchmarking.
Adaption to the latest technology and Social Media tools help us to attract, and map the talent.

The next phase of Talent Fitment basically implies – Right Person for the Right Role.
The dynamics of the world are changing at a very fast pace, and we at NeerInfo Solutions compliment that.

While suggesting the candidates to the clients, our Associates make an effort to ensure a Fitment, based on the interest, aptitude/ability and personality characteristics. These factors play a vital role in making selection decisions. The fallout of this is that the person selected may show a lack of interest in the role at some stage, or have performance issues relating to role fitment, relationship management, team management or leadership ability.

Organizations today are continually looking for ways to make better decisions about talent in order to minimize risk of a bad hire or promotion and to ensure that individual efforts are aligned with the organizational goals. Talent Assessment is the tool which helps organizations in the Hiring, Promotion & Development of the workforce.

NeerInfo Solutions, helps the clients in developing a Talent profile, using it as a guide in the Hiring process, and designing assessments with one set of criteria and a single, integrated talent management strategy.

We help the clients develop a streamlined process that would be applied consistently across the firm’s operations. To that end, customized leadership assessment processes are designed to fit the desired leadership/middle management profiles. NeerInfo provides training/coaching when needs can’t be met by internal coaches.

In today’s competitive climate, whether the organization needs to fill positions quickly to meet current needs or build talent to address future capability demands, it’s important to evaluate the whole person—including knowledge areas, experiences, behaviors, motives, values and personality traits—and not just technical skills.
NeerInfo ensures a critical alignment between employee skills and the organization’s culture, values, and business direction.

After all, it is a lot easier to develop technical abilities than hard-wired, deeply ingrained behavioral traits.


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